Contemporary Kerala style house plans







Owning a house is everyone's dream, but constructing one is not a very easy task. If you have enough and more money, you can buy one house. Instead if you have time to spare and the will to take trouble, you can construct one.
Then comes the question of home design. Here I have put up some contemporary designs that will help you decide on your plan. You may choose one of these plans or modify them to suit your needs. Unlike most plans currently available over the net, which are based on American or European styles and suited for their climates, these plans are designed to be suitable for the climate in Kerala. They are all available to you for free and without any sort of warranty or guarantee.
While talking about home designing, Vaastu is something you just cannot ignore. While lot of myths and superstitions have crept into the Vaastu Sastra over the years, there are a few scientific reasons behind some of the Vaastu rules. I will be discussing some of these Vaastu rules in this site. Please check the Vaastu link for more insight into this.
And if you have any more scientific explanations for vaastu rules or more insights into vaastu please mail me.